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A willingness to get ‘out of the box’, open to new ideas and to be ready for fun and adventure is needed! A legal waiver is required to enter our program (on internet or in person) and honest disclosure of mental and physical fitness concerns to ensure utmost safety for yourself and other participants. We will be doing the majority of our activities outdoors weather permitting and gear suitable to the climate is essential. We expect all participants to honor the technology free space at all times while in the programs for the enjoyment and ability for all to “unplug”. We will have an emergency number for your family or staff to contact us to still maintain connection for crisis managment that is truly “emergent”. We can assist you with this if any concerns. Note : Any medical issues that may arise requiring immediate medical care will be transferred to a local medical physician independent of the program.

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Our programs are not medical care so are not a covered benefit under publically funded health care models.

As with any insurance coverage there are items which are excluded from coverage and deemed not insurable but private medical plans or extended coverage may allow some components of our programs to be covered.

Lifestyle, performance, wellness coaching and training are excluded from Canadian publically funded coverage but may be covered under your extended plans or health spending account HSA. Some aspects of our programs may be insured on your Extended Health care insurance under category of complimentary care or allied health care coverage such as dietician, physician coaching etc. but this will be at discretion of your individual plan and based on specific time spent with any of the team members accredited and licensed in their specific fields of knowledge and training in Bristish Columbia.


It is the responsibility of the attendees and their accounting team to ascertain if specific coverage is extended by your plan and Empowered Med makes no claims nor guarantee of coverage. For Canadians the CRA has very specific criteria of tax deductible expenses – components of this program may be suitable for coverage www.cra-arc.gc.ca .


We are pleased to refer you for more detailed information of these programs to third parties who are well equipped to handle your queries but it is outside the scope of our program to answer any specific queries.

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In a nutshell no. This is not intended to be medical diagnostic and treatment center nor are we establishing a patient physician relationship with attendees via the internet, newsletter or attendence in programs.

We provide guidance, coaching and feedback in your road to impactful life changes, focus on gaining vitality, joy, change of mindset and creating of new powerful habits. We believe that the joy and vitality in life are yours with some strategies, new insights and coaching.

Although our team are rooted in medicine and allied health specialized conventional training , this is not a diagnostic or treatment program for specific disability, illness or injury. Our programs are best categorized as a weight management, wellness optimization, mental training and fitness program.

We will empower you with tools to become your own best caregiver.

What do I need to bring

We suggest that the most important thing for you to bring is an open attitude to having many different new experiences.


 In terms of physical items to bring we suggest that you bring shoes that are suitable for light walking/hiking on a variety of surfaces.

A light hiking/running shoe is ideal.

A running type shoe should have a knobby tread not a flat tennis type shoe for hiking purposes for secure footing.


It important that you feel safe and comfortable walking so please if you purchase new shoes  use them several times even indoors prior to your event. 


If you have trekking poles please bring them but we will provide those if hiking /snowshoeing is included in your activity profile.

Comfortable outdoor clothes for the weather is critical. Layering is important and we suggest a rain jacket and either a wool sweater, fleece or a puffy down jacket of different thicknesses depending on the season/weather, or a and wool or synthetic thicker socks.  

Cotton in rain can be waterlogged so not recommended for clothing We also suggest that if it is summer that you bring a bathing suit and some type of cover-up that you feel comfortable doing sport or stretching activities i.e. shorts, T-shirt preferably synthetic material so they dry quickly. It is also quite useful to have a sport sandals or flip-flops for some of the beach activities. This is varying depending on the hours you are spending with us and the types of activities. Please do not hesitate to reach out and ask more questions if you are uncertain. 

Participation Waiver

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