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We are passionate about helping you thrive.

The Coaching model is a guided walk into new insights, new ways of thinking and huge breakthroughs in defining a life that resonates with your purpose, passion and a life of value .

Who can you trust? Who is truly an expert?

We have learned in this pandemic that having a mouthpiece and a great marketing team does not truly make you an expert!

Dr. Zeglinski has carefully vetted all members of the team who help you in your journey so you can relax in the knowledge that you are in the hands of professionals with authenticity, integrity, confidentiality, and who really get you!

We are true health experts with years of rigorous university credentialed training in fields of health, and decades of experience assisting people just like you!

WE have created a unique program to share the wealth of knowledge we have gained both in health and as elite athletes always seeking and striving for new knowledge at the cutting edge of health and performance innovations. The secrets of elite Olympain sport knowledge can be yours.

Who are we ?

Robustly trained in traditional fields of medicine and allied health care at university credentialed institutions and certified in their fields, our team members have  years of experience helping clients just like you!
We have the expertise to back up our programs but what we do is like no where else because we’re like no other program!
We have merged the best of cutting edge elite sports knowledge formerly only known to Olympic and world level athletes with the best of science into programs that will be game changing.

Guiding you to radiant health and joy.