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Dr. Cathy (Zeglinski)

Dr. Cathy with her medical knowledge and training took me from living in a wheelchair to the top of the podium. When I started with Dr. Cathy I was literally in a wheelchair due to a spinal cord injury, unlikely to ever walk again. With Dr. Cathy’s help to stay focused on mental and physical training it gave me the strength not only to walk but to become a Paralympian in 2 sports and World Champion snowboarder , complete 3 Birkebeiners in 5 weeks a feat that under 10 people in the world had accomplished at that time. I continue to work with Cathy on my mental ability to succeed along with my physical wellbeing on this journey we started 20 years ago. If you are ready to be empowered and to reach the top of your podium work with Empowered Med.

Tyler Mosher MBA, self employed
I have great respect for Dr. Cathy personally and professionally, she has given me exemplary care. I had become quite overweight after an accident that resulted in some loss of mobility. Dr. Cathy taught me to focus on what I could do rather than on what was lost., refusing to let me stay in that mindset. Instead of being limited by my inability to walk she recommended I get a bike, an adult tricycle and that tricycle save my life! I rode it everyday, neighbors waved and cheered me on, happy to see me moving. She told me she would be there and help in whatever way I needed to get going and stay moving, That was 7 years ago and one thing has remained her support and encouragement.

“She says “if you fall down get up and start again” and I did! Combined with a healthy diet the pounds rolled off and after 6 months I lost 57 pounds!
Sandi Fiteni retired journalist
Dr. Cathy was a pleasant surprise with her excellent service and knowledge of medical science and good old common sense when I moved to Whistler. She was an inspiration for me to lose weight, train and enjoy what Whistler had to offer . Coming from the East it was a shock to see my family doctor ride her mountain bike to work and not always on sunny days. She plays hard , works hard and is an example to follow.
She always seemed to know exactly what to do instantly and i always felt safe and in good hands for the five years I was in her care . It looked second nature to her and easy for her to do it all. She is a breath of fresh air in today’s world of misinformation and I highly recommend her for any training, rehab or weight loss program. I loved Dr. Cathy and she was the best doctor I ever had.
Jean Larochelle self employed entrepreneur

Dawn Titus

Dawn is sunshine on a gray day and definitely brings the rainbow to anyone’s dark cloud. You will truly glow as a student of hers. I’m grateful to be her student as she provides learners with a professional level of knowledge and skills and she plans prepares and deliver safe and effective yoga sessions. What makes Dawn unique is she connects with each of her students being effective as a guide in the journey without a cookie-cutter approach. She injects wisdom through the sutras or sometimes with a simple phase like “breathe “joy and suddenly your practice is transformed. She’s always light hearted and always has a smile which shifts the energy in any space.
Eileen Juan yoga student for life
It is healing to be in Dawn’s class. Generosity of spirit comes to mind when I think of Dawn. You feel seen, and understood and safe as she guides you through practice. An intuitive spark animates her embodied knowledge and wisdom. With her Guidance you will dare greatly towards acceptance and aspiration.

Dawn has an innate ability to connect with guests and create a strong bond within a very short amount of time. Her focus on her students creates a magical experience while helping them improve their performance and well-being. Dawn is not only a great instructor but she’s heavily involved in wellness oriented activities and functions within Whistler having participated and in championed events such as the Lole White Tour Whistler, Wanderlust, Ironman Whistler events. Her passion for all things yoga and fitness is palpable and contagious as her positivity and optimism.

Caitlin spa supervisor Four Seasons Whistler

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